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Tales From Zambia:

Not All Baboon Babies Are Treated Nicely

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»The River Troop

Not All Baboon Babies Are Treated Nicely

Short | 02:32

Baboons love babies ? you can see it in the way the mothers carry their newborns around like royalty. But the cold reality is that their rank at birth will always determine how well they're treated within the troop.

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Family is everything for this troop of baboons living along the bank of the Luangwa River. With hyenas, lions, and leopards around, everyone must be on constant guard for danger. But when a new baby is born in the midst of the dry season, life for the troop becomes much more complicated. At the top of the social ladder, the struggle to lead becomes a matter of life or death. After tragedy strikes, one male baboon on the edge of adulthood decides to leave the troop. Follow his journey as he sets out in search of a life of his own.

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