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Why Cathedral Ledge Is Perfect for Extreme Rock Climbers

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»New Hampshire

Why Cathedral Ledge Is Perfect for Extreme Rock Climbers

Short | 01:37

A lure for thrillseekers across the country, the beautiful Cathedral Ledge can prove deadly if climbers mis-step as they scale her rockface.


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    Jul 28
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    Aug 04
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    Aug 24

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Soar over the most independent-minded state in the Union: New Hampshire. Amid its mountains, rivers, and colonial villages exists a community of people who take their motto of "Live free or die" to heart. From an infamous poet who favored the road less traveled, to the founders of both the industrial and fast food revolutions, this state is brimming with free thinkers. Discover the sights and stories of the Granite State, from Concord to White Mountain State Park and beyond.

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