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Muhammad Ali's Brother on Racism and the Medal Myth

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»Ali's Missing Gold Medal

Muhammad Ali's Brother on Racism and the Medal Myth

Short | 01:32

Still fresh from his Olympic win, boxing legend Muhammad Ali was, incredibly, turned away from a restaurant in his hometown that didn't serve African Americans. The champ's own brother recalls that fateful day.

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A young Muhammad Ali returned from the Olympic Games a champion in 1960, only to be victimized by bigotry in his segregated home city of Louisville. Disillusioned, he threw his gold medal off the Second Street Bridge and into the Ohio River. This dramatic story appears in Ali's autobiography, but can we prove any of it is actually true? Join hosts Kevin Barrows and Lauren Gardner as they head to Kentucky to get some answers, search for the missing medal, and discover the story of this complex and compelling sports legend.

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