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Meet the Falcons

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Meet the Falcons

Short | 01:55

With not much going on around town, the Falcons football team has time to practice. And practice makes perfect - or at least a championship team.

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This story takes place in Maine, but it's a tale that occurs throughout America as summer gives way to the first chill of fall. Two rival high schools from rival towns settle their differences on the football field. White collar vs. blue collar. Haves vs. have-nots. The game can crown only one victor, but the lessons it teaches about discipline, respect and brotherhood will produce multiple winners.


  • Aaron Filieo
  • The Falcons
  • Jim Aylward
  • The Capers
  • Aaron Filieo

    Aaron Filieo

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    3 Years Coaching 17 Wins - 12 Losses Aaron Filieo grew up in South Portland, Maine, located between the state's biggest city, Portland, and one of its wealthiest suburbs, Cape Elizabeth. In his playing days Filieo led his high school football team to the state championship as an All-State offensive lineman. Influenced by his high school coach, who Filieo says helped mold him into the hardworking man he is today, Filieo attended college and earned his teaching degree before returning to South Portland to apprentice under his old high school coach. While working for the nearby Cape Elizabeth school district, the opportunity arose to become the head coach for their new football team. Filieo seized the opportunity, with the hopes of building a program like the one from which he came. Leading a brand new football team in a "soccer town" provided enough challenges without having to contend with the likes of a powerhouse like Mountain Valley every year. But, Coach Filieo's tenacity was contagious and soon his team became as tough and as hungry as he was. In just three short years they found themselves competing with the best, much to the dismay of Mountain Valley.

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