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Meet the Falcons

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Meet the Falcons

Short | 01:55

With not much going on around town, the Falcons football team has time to practice. And practice makes perfect - or at least a championship team.

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This story takes place in Maine, but it's a tale that occurs throughout America as summer gives way to the first chill of fall. Two rival high schools from rival towns settle their differences on the football field. White collar vs. blue collar. Haves vs. have-nots. The game can crown only one victor, but the lessons it teaches about discipline, respect and brotherhood will produce multiple winners.


  • Jim Aylward
  • The Capers
  • Aaron Filieo
  • The Falcons
  • Jim Aylward

    Jim Aylward

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    19 Years Coaching 146 Wins - 43 Losses Mountain Valley High School football coach Jim Aylward grew up in Rumford, Maine, where he was the quarterback for his high school football team. Determined to avoid working in the mill like his father and grandfather, Aylward went away to college to earn a teaching degree after high school, but he never lost his love for football. He began coaching in various capacities until he earned the head coaching job at Mountain Valley High School. Today, after nearly 20 years, he has amassed an impressive record. Aylward has taken the Mountain Valley Falcons to the conference championships 13 times in 19 years and has brought home two state championships. When rival team Cape Elizabeth showed up in 2006 and challenged Mountain Valley's supremacy, Coach Aylward knew the Capers would be a thorn in his side for years to come.

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