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Meet the Falcons

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Meet the Falcons

Short | 01:55

With not much going on around town, the Falcons football team has time to practice. And practice makes perfect - or at least a championship team.


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This story takes place in Maine, but it's a tale that occurs throughout America as summer gives way to the first chill of fall. Two rival high schools from rival towns settle their differences on the football field. White collar vs. blue collar. Haves vs. have-nots. The game can crown only one victor, but the lessons it teaches about discipline, respect and brotherhood will produce multiple winners.


  • The Capers
  • Aaron Filieo
  • Jim Aylward
  • The Falcons
  • The Capers

    The Capers

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    Cape Elizabeth, Maine is just 90 miles south of Rumford, but a world away. For "Cape kids" the future is bright and the new AstroTurf is always green. Football is one of many distractions in a well-funded school known for its academic excellence. Football Stats: Cape Elizabeth's football team is only three years old, but the town has so much money and drive that they are already threatening Mountain Valley's football dynasty.
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