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Inside Windsor Castle:

How Princess Elizabeth Swept Prince Philip Off His Feet

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»Love and War

How Princess Elizabeth Swept Prince Philip Off His Feet

Short | 03:00

In 1943, a young Princess Elizabeth had her eye on the Prince of Greece and Denmark. And with the knowledge of him attending Windsor Castle's annual pantomime, she demanded to play the starring role in 'Aladdin' to catch his attention.


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Queen Elizabeth II's childhood years were spent at Windsor Castle hiding from the Nazi blitzkrieg and falling deeply in love. Despite the devastation England felt from World War II, these would prove to be some of the happiest days of her life. Join us as we reveal how the castle kept the queen and her sister Princess Margaret out of harm's way during WWII. Then discover how an annual Christmas pantomime at Windsor sparked a flame between Prince Philip and the future queen, leading to one of history's most enduring royal romances.

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