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The Pacific War in Color:

Japanese General Chooses Seppuku Over Surrender

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»No Surrender

Japanese General Chooses Seppuku Over Surrender

Short | 02:57

On Okinawa during WWII, Japanese troops are running out of soldiers, ammunition, and land to defend. But their commander, General Ushijima is determined to continue the fight - and willing to die doing it.


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The Allies celebrate the end of the war in Europe, but the Pacific War rages on. Okinawa, the last stop in the island-hopping campaign to the Japanese mainland, is absolute havoc, with Japan sending an unprecedented wave of kamikaze attacks to destroy Allied warships. Meanwhile, Australians liberate Indonesians from three years of oppressive Japanese occupation in Borneo. Witness the final battles of the Second World War, captured with rare behind the scenes film and color combat footage.

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