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Is This UFO Photo Real? An Expert Weighs In.

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»Battle of LA

Is This UFO Photo Real? An Expert Weighs In.

Short | 02:30

A photographic negative of what's believed to be UFO activity during the Battle of Los Angeles is sent for forensic analysis. But the expert's verdict raises more question than it answers.

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Just a few months after Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor, Los Angeles came under an air attack of its own, but from who, or what, remains a hotly debated topic. Some people, including a former FBI agent and UFO investigator, believe it may be the first and best-documented case of an extraterrestrial visitation. Others are more skeptical. One thing is certain. Something incredible happened on February 25, 1942. Now, with recently declassified top-secret documents and startling new evidence, we attempt to unlock this 73-year-old mystery.

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