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Air Disasters:

Is Heavy Baggage or High Altitude to Blame?

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»The Plane That Flew Too High

Is Heavy Baggage or High Altitude to Blame?

Short | 03:26

Heavier planes can't fly at higher altitudes where the air is less dense. But the pilot of flight 708 should have known that.

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An overweight plane, an overworked crew, or an overpowering storm? What caused the fatal crash of West Caribbean Airways Flight 708? The plane was considered to be one of the safest in the world. Yet, its sudden plummet to Earth from over 30,000 feet leaves investigators scrambling for clues. Join them as they gather evidence, test theories, and uncover the myriad factors that contributed to the crash that killed all 160 individuals on board and ultimately grounded the airline for good.

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