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How Was Red Rock Canyon Formed?

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»Las Vegas 24

How Was Red Rock Canyon Formed?

Short | 01:53

Millions of years ago, Las Vegas Valley laid at the bottom of an ancient sea. Movement of the earth's tectonic plates caused the water to drain and pushed up the land forming a towering structure known as Red Rock Canyon.

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There is simply no other place in America that compares to Las Vegas, with its geological marvels, engineering wonders, and nighttime spectacles that rival any on Earth. Soar beyond the glitz and glamour of Sin City to explore its natural and manmade thrills and witness the daring work that keeps this entertainment capital running 24/7. From the Strip to the desert, the suburbs to the Hoover Dam, and from Red Rock to the Nellis Dunes, it's a dazzling trip over the nation's iconic desert metropolis.

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