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How to Tune Up a Jumbo Jet Engine with 20,000 Parts

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»Failure Is Not An Option

How to Tune Up a Jumbo Jet Engine with 20,000 Parts

Short | 03:27

The engine of a Boeing A380 Superjumbo Jet is huge, made up of 20,000 components that can summon up to 70,000 pounds of thrust. Replacing it is no small task.

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At an airport, one simple mistake can mean the loss of millions of dollars, or worse, the loss of lives. At Frankfurt's international airport, everything must go off without a hitch, and for all who work here, they know that failure is not an option. Go behind the scenes and follow the highly specialized employees who repair the engines, screen all the passengers and luggage, change the runway lights, and keep a Mega Airport that uses more electricity than some small countries powered up.

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