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How to Tell If You're in for a Bumpy Plane Landing

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How to Tell If You're in for a Bumpy Plane Landing

Short | 03:56

On March 7, 2007, Garuda Flight 200 was preparing to land. An Air Force security officer on board immediately sensed a problem: The plane was both too high and too fast, this close to the runway.

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What caused Garuda Flight 200 to slam to the ground and careen off the runway in Yogyakarta, Indonesia? Was it a powerful downdraft? Was there something wrong with the wing flaps? Or did a baffling decision by the pilot lead to the death of 21 people? Join us as we investigate the crash of March 7, 2007, through actual video captured at the scene and testimony from a heroic passenger who survived the disaster. Then see how the investigation led the troubled airline to overhaul its training and safety protocols.

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