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How to Style a 40-Page Magazine Editorial

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»Golden Age of Hollywood

How to Style a 40-Page Magazine Editorial

Short | 04:52

A film noir layout in prestigious art magazine is a great opportunity to work with stylist Gaelle Paul. With on-page credit for any usage, Doris doesn't waste time pulling some looks.

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There's a reason Doris Raymond's vintage clothing boutique is in L.A.: It's where glamour meets fashion. Home to the biggest celebrities, top stylists, and award-winning costume designers, it's also the place where vintage clothes from cinema's golden age set modern trends. Follow Doris on her biggest coup ever as she helps stylist Gaelle Paul find the perfect '40s film noir outfits to fill a huge magazine spread. Then see her talented staff help costume designer Lou Eyrich pick the right pieces for a pivotal scene in "American Horror Story."

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