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How to Pack a Vintage Aircraft onto a Big Cargo Plane

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»Mammoth Machines

How to Pack a Vintage Aircraft onto a Big Cargo Plane

Short | 03:56

To ship a vintage Fairey Gannet aircraft from Canada to the U.S., a specialist team is attempting to load it onto a bigger plane. One problem: even with wings folded, the vintage plane is too big for the cargo plane's hold.

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Two teams of heavy haulers face two massive jobs involving a vintage submarine attack aircraft from the Cold War and a railroad snowplow built in 1925. First, the last airworthy Fairey Gannet has to hitch a ride out of Goose Bay Airbase in Canada aboard the Antonov-124 cargo aircraft. Meanwhile, in Oregon, a team of movers fights gravity and narrow roads to pull the Union Pacific snowplow locomotive up the treacherous "Train Mountain." Will both mammoth machines survive these perilous journeys and reach their new homes in one piece?

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