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Angkor: Land of the Gods:

How to Build a Khmer Temple

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»Throne of Power

How to Build a Khmer Temple

Short | 03:21

Bearing 52 towers, 173 carved faces, 2,000 feet of reliefs and built with more than 420,000 stone blocks, the Bayon temple provides insight into daily life under the rule of King Jayavarman VII.

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The most spectacular architectural wonders in Cambodia's ancient city of Angkor were built after its darkest days. Journey with us as we trace the rise of Jayavarman VII who, after being exiled, became king of the Khmer Empire following his defeat of the Champa kingdom. See how the sprawling city complex of Angkor Thom grew under his rule to support the vibrant and thriving Khmer civilization. Witness the palaces and temples he built, as they first appeared hundreds of years ago, before time and nature took its toll on this once great city.

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