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How This Town Celebrates Your Favorite Canned Food

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»Frozen Dead Guy Fest

How This Town Celebrates Your Favorite Canned Food

Short | 02:44

Fried, sauteed, flambeed or stuffed, SPAM is one processed food that many chefs believe worthy of a gourmet makeover. Travel to Austin, TX to ham it up at Spamarama!

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Americans' competitive spirit reveals itself in some wacky ways, like the coffin race in Nederland, Colorado, which is dedicated to a dead guy and brings new meaning to the term "frozen stiff." Or the National Snow Sculpting Competition in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where snowmen go high-end while temperatures hit record lows. Then there's the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore, Maryland, where crazy contraptions speed across a gritty land and sea racecourse. And don't forget Spamarama, a festival in Austin, Texas, which centers on, what else-SPAM!

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