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How This Ship Handles Seas Loaded With Icebergs

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»Ocean Endeavour

How This Ship Handles Seas Loaded With Icebergs

Short | 03:53

The Ocean Endeavour is sailing toward a famous glacier near the Arctic town of Ilulissat. It's a route packed with dangerous icebergs, giving the ship's sonar and radar a tough workout.


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Ocean Endeavour is about the furthest thing you can imagine from a tropical pleasure cruise. This Arctic expedition offers guests the ultimate ocean odyssey through glacial waters and into remote regions larger cruise ships won't dare go. Join us on a priceless 12-day polar adventure from Greenland's west coast across the Davis Strait into Canada and through the Northwest Passage. For passengers, it's a trip of a lifetime, but for the ship's crew, every experience brings uncertainty and the potential for danger.

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