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Africa's Predator Zones:

How This Lioness Copes with Being a Single Mom

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How This Lioness Copes with Being a Single Mom

Short | 02:43

A lioness has to protect her cubs from any number of dangerous predators. Including other lions who will kill cubs that are not their own.

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Clouds are forming over the dry plains of the Serengeti and the dinner bell is about to ring for the big cats of Ndutu. The wet season will attract more than a million wildebeest and thousands of zebras, but getting to them is never easy. The area is diverse, not just in prey, but terrain, and each battle zone comes with its own challenges, including steep inclines, maddening mud, and total exposure. See how a pride of lions and two cheetah families tailor their hunt to the landscape and use it to their deadly advantage.

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