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How This Hurricane Victim Swam 17-Hours for His Life

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»The Great Galveston Hurricane

How This Hurricane Victim Swam 17-Hours for His Life

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In 2008, Hurricane Ike struck Galveston, Texas, leaving in 195 dead and $38 billion of damage in its wake. Here, a survivor walks us through what he did when the water was at his front door.

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It hit the city at 145 MPH, with 15 foot-high waves. So why was there no evacuation call? This is the story of the deadliest natural disaster in American history, the great Galveston Hurricane of 1900, and how weather bureau chief Isaac Cline's overconfidence in the city's safety would prove tragic. Relive the build-up, the impact, and the aftermath of this massive Category 4 hurricane. Then see how the lessons learned from that catastrophe helped Galveston properly prepare for Hurricane Ike 108 years later.

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