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Speed Kills:

How This Fish Sharp Shoots Its Prey with Spit

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»Black Lagoon

How This Fish Sharp Shoots Its Prey with Spit

Short | 01:42

Archerfish are the only fish in the world that shoot its prey with streams of water. See them in action here.

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There's more than just one creature lurking in this black lagoon. Here, in this bizarre netherworld between river and ocean, evolution has created a variety of freakish assassins, many of whom strike in the blink of an eye. Witness the fast-paced action in slow motion as our high-speed cameras capture sharp-shooting archerfish, African fish eagles, mantis shrimp, and other killers at work. Cutting-edge CGI details show just how they use their alien jaws, spear-like arms, and color-changing skin as weapons of underwater war.

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