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Catching Killers:

How They Caught the Craigslist Killer

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»Cyber Forensics

How They Caught the Craigslist Killer

Short | 03:41

When a masseuse posts an ad on Craigslist and is brutally murdered by her client, it's up to investigators to track down her killer using cutting-edge cyber forensics.

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A spy uncovering government secrets from home. A serial killer hunting female escorts online. Two dangerous criminals, both of whom played a vital role in the evolution of digital forensics. We track two investigations, decades apart, detailing how cyber sleuthing was first used to snare a West German hacker in 1986, and how, years later, technical advances helped the Boston Police capture the Craigslist Killer. See how this ever-evolving science has become a major player in catching killers and keeping us safe - online and in the real world.

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