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How the P-38 Flew Faster and Higher Than Its Rivals

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»P-38 Lightning

How the P-38 Flew Faster and Higher Than Its Rivals

Short | 02:52

The P-38 featured a revolutionary design that enabled it to travel higher and faster than any other American fighter plane during the 1930s. It did this with huge, in-line engines and a super turbo charger.


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It was one of the most unique and deadly warplanes of World War II, with devastating agility and unmatched speeds of over 400 mph. But before the P-38 Lightning seized control of the air from the Japanese and the Germans, some of its pilots were forced to learn on the job. Follow its dogfighting journey, from Alaska to Africa and from Berlin to Tokyo, as the Lightning earned its name, blazing into battle and delivering a killer strike into the hearts of its enemies.

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