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How the Golden Raft of El Dorado Was Crafted

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From: Secrets
»Golden Raft of El Dorado

How the Golden Raft of El Dorado Was Crafted

Short | 02:56

It's not just the golden raft's ties to the legend of El Dorado that make it impressive. The complicated method that was used to craft it reveals the advanced techniques of the Muisca people.


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A ten-inch golden statue discovered in a cave near Bogota may be the key to the greatest treasure never found: El Dorado. For centuries, rumors of a "Lost City of Gold" attracted explorers and fortune hunters to the Colombian Andes in search of riches. Now, after 500 years of futility and bloodshed, investigators try to finish the job, using the found statue, a beautiful model of a golden raft, as their guide. See legend and fact collide as we apply forensic techniques and decipher ancient documents to uncover the truth behind the myth.

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