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Inside Mighty Machines:

How the Enormous Potential of Natural Gas was Unlocked

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»Deep Sea Oil Rig

How the Enormous Potential of Natural Gas was Unlocked

Short | 03:42

Natural gas wasn?t always the valuable power source that it is today. In fact, it wasn?t until the 1990s that its potential was unlocked, thanks to an ingenious engineering innovation: the power generation module.


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For over 40 years, the Brent Delta oil rig stood tall in the North Sea, extracting oil and gas from beneath one of the roughest seas on the planet. Now this extraordinary machine has reached the end of its life and has been towed ashore to a decommissioning yard, where it'll be torn apart, melted down, and sold for recycling. Engineer Chad Zdenek is on hand to help the salvage team dismantle the 40-story, 26,000-ton oil rig and uncover its five engineering innovations.

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