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Africa's Wild Havens:

How the Desert Oryx Stops Its Brain From Frying

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»Camelthorn Tree

How the Desert Oryx Stops Its Brain From Frying

Short | 01:30

How does the desert-dwelling oryx survive a body temperature that would kill other mammals? The answer lies in a panting mechanism that lowers the temperature of the blood in its head.

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It stands tall in the semi-arid desert of the Kalahari, giving its inhabitants much-needed shade during summer days, large pods when food is scarce, and a foundation for one of the most remarkable constructions built by a colony of birds. It's the camelthorn, one of only a handful of large trees that can take root in the Kalahari's deficient soil. Discover the evolutionary secrets that allow it to tower as a master of survival in the vast expanses of these African plains, where living is an often unthinkable challenge.

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