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How PT Boats Helped General MacArthur Escape Capture

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How PT Boats Helped General MacArthur Escape Capture

Short | 03:33

In 1942, the Japanese were bearing down on the Philippines, where General Douglas MacArthur was based. To help him escape, the navy relied on a small but heavily armed class of ships: the PT boat.


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Over the past century, combat ships have been operating in secret, unseen by the enemy. Today, the military uses groundbreaking, radar-reflecting technology to evade detection, but well before then, the U.S. Navy has employed stealth tactics to pull off crucial operations that helped win wars. Join us as we take a look at World War II operations involving the small and fast PT boat and the legendary submarine HMS Seraph. Then see how the 1985 prototype Sea Shadow paved the way for the stealth ships of today.

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