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The Weapon Hunter:

How Psychological Warfare Scared German Troops

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»Nazi Assault Rifle

How Psychological Warfare Scared German Troops

Short | 01:39

During WWII, the 1st Special Service Force was an elite unit with a remarkable record of never having lost a battle. Because they were outnumbered, they resorted to vicious psychological tactics to intimidate German troops.

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To military history collectors, it's the rarest of all machine guns. The FG-42 assault rifle, designed specifically for German World War II paratroopers, is so rare that they now sell for thousands of dollars at auctions. It's considered almost unattainable, but that doesn't stop host Paul Shull from attempting to not only find one but to pull its trigger as well. Join him on this impossible quest as he reaches outside his usual network of collectors to find this innovative weapon and see if it lives up to its mythic reputation.

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