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Million Dollar American Princesses:

How Peggy Guggenheim Rescued Art from the Nazis

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»Queens of Culture

How Peggy Guggenheim Rescued Art from the Nazis

Short | 03:57

As soon as Germany invaded France in 1940, Peggy Guggenheim set about buying up as many valuable art pieces as she could--to keep them out of Nazi hands.

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They had passions for paintings, music, entertaining, and obliterating the constraints of societal norms. Meet the "Queens of Culture," three modern, empowered Million Dollar American Princesses who blazed a trail through the arts world in Europe and beyond. "Downton Abbey" star Elizabeth McGovern shows how Winnaretta Singer, Sara Murphy, and Peggy Guggenheim inspired and supported some of the most innovative creative talents of the 20th century, from Stravinsky and Picasso to F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jackson Pollock.

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