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How One Picture Would Prove Black Holes Actually Exist

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How One Picture Would Prove Black Holes Actually Exist

Short | 03:04

Many scientists believe that black holes make sense in the realm of theoretical physics, but couldn't really exist in real life. Capturing an image of a black hole would change all that.

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Astronomer Shep Doeleman and his team are on a mission that will challenge the theories of Albert Einstein and could pave the way to a revolution in physics: to capture the first-ever image of a black hole. To do this, they must link eight multimillion-dollar observatories around the world to a spot 26,000 light years away. It's the equivalent of spotting an orange on the moon, but after 10 years of planning and the combined brainpower of over 200 international scientists, the team feels they're ready to make scientific history.

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