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Eight Days that Made Rome:

How Octavian Successfully Rebranded Himself

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»Rome's First Emperor

How Octavian Successfully Rebranded Himself

Short | 03:24

When Octavian emerged as the sole ruler of Rome, he immediately began a sophisticated PR campaign to clean up his image. He ditched the military regalia and presented himself as a man of peace.


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Upon Julius Caesar's death, his 18-year-old great nephew stepped into the delicate balance of power and became Rome's first emperor and a ruthless political operator. The 44-year reign of Octavian, also known as Augustus, was vast and far-reaching, but it may never have happened if it weren't for one critical moment in 32 B.C. Host Bettany Hughes examines the day Octavian ordered the theft of the private will of his archrival Mark Antony and read its contents to Rome's Senate, a massive gamble that would have world-altering ramifications.

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