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Were Neolithic Mountain Climbers Capable of Transporting Fire?

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»Otzi the Iceman

Were Neolithic Mountain Climbers Capable of Transporting Fire?

Short | 03:55

Despite being 5,300 years old, Otzi the Iceman was dressed in surprisingly high-tech hiking gear: thick leggings, advanced snow boots, and what appears to be a portable fire kit.

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In September 1991, two hikers exploring the Otztal Alps discovered a corpse buried in the ice. When rescue teams collected the evidence, it became clear that these were not the unfortunate remains of a modern climber, but of a 5,300-year-old iceman. Who was this man? What was he doing so high in the mountains? How did he die and who, or what, killed him? Follow the investigation as scientists pull clues from one of the oldest preserved corpses on the planet and reveal the secrets of his life and the enigmatic Neolithic period he came from.

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