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The Pacific War in Color:

How Hawaiians Grappled With Martial Law

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How Hawaiians Grappled With Martial Law

Short | 01:27

By early 1942, Hawaii felt like it was at the center of the Pacific War. Pearl Harbor was a wreck and off limits to civilians, while a nervous public adapted to the new realities of war.


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Six months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the shockwaves of war have flooded into every corner of the Pacific, from Alaska to parts of China to New Guinea. U.S. soldiers head into unfamiliar worlds thousands of miles from home, encountering steamy island jungles, bitter arctic cold, and an unrelenting enemy. Through rare personal films and color combat footage, witness early Allied victories--in the Coral Sea, Guadalcanal, and at Midway--that turned the tide of the war.

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