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Tales From Zambia:

How Giraffe Spots Act Like a Natural Air Conditioner

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How Giraffe Spots Act Like a Natural Air Conditioner

Short | 02:04

The dark patches on a giraffe?s skin have more blood vessels than the light skin. This can help heat dissipate, allowing them to stay cool.

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Few places in the world rival Zambia's natural beauty and ecological diversity. Travel to three of these extraordinary habitats to witness the lives of three remarkable animals. Watch as a baby giraffe takes its first steps in the sweltering Luangwa Valley. Ascend to the high plateau of Kasanka, where two thousand Kinda baboons have found a primate paradise in the forest. Follow a cheetah family on the prowl for meat on the desolate Liuwa Plain. For the animals who call these lands home, their uncompromising environments are paradise.

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