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How Engineers Remove Unwanted Sounds from Camaros

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»Chevy Camaro

How Engineers Remove Unwanted Sounds from Camaros

Short | 02:08

With the Camaro, the sound engineers at Chevrolet have to satisfy two opposing teams: officials concerned about noise levels, and the diehard fans who want the Camaro to sound...well, like a Camaro.

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It's a uniquely American sports car that's been resurrected by a company that, like the Motor City itself, never gave up. Crushed by a global financial meltdown of epic proportions, GM fought through bankruptcy and can now build the machine it has always wanted to. Take a ride in the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, a high-performance roadster that's fast, lightweight, and affordable. Then meet some of the members of the Chevy family who are as resilient as the supercar they build.

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