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X-Ray Mega Airport:

How Do You Put Out a Plane on Fire?

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»The Airport Never Sleeps

How Do You Put Out a Plane on Fire?

Short | 04:47

Airport fire crews run constant drills to ensure they hit their time targets: two minutes to reach a burning plane and just 60 seconds to put out the flames. How they do it is incredible.

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At one of the biggest and busiest airports in the world, there is no downtime. It requires watchful controllers, hard-working emergency teams, and high-tech equipment operating day and night, 24/7. Go behind the scenes at Frankfurt Airport and see firsthand how their on-site firefighters control the flames when disaster hits the runway. Enter the air traffic control tower, where another team that never hits the off switch patrols the skies overhead. Meet the rest of the crews working to keep this Mega Airport working round-the-clock.

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