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Apocalypse: The Second World War:

How Disease Plundered the German Army Ranks

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»Crushing Defeat

How Disease Plundered the German Army Ranks

Short | 01:52

In the winter of 1941, Hitler's Wehrmacht trudges towards Moscow. But before they can face Stalin's Red Army, they must first battle an early cold front and rampant disease.


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    Sep 23
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    Sep 28
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    Oct 05

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Holland, Belgium, Norway, and once-mighty France. One by one, allied and neutral countries alike find themselves outmaneuvered and overrun by a ruthless, seemingly unstoppable Wehrmacht. Rare footage reveals British and French forces packed like sardines on the beaches of Dunkirk, panic and exodus from Paris, German soldiers gloating over their captives or stuck in military traffic in the Ardennes, the burning of Rotterdam, the terrifying sirens of Stuka dive-bombers as they slaughtered soldiers and civilians alike. The fear and anguish of ordinary Europeans are brought to vivid life as, one by one, their countries share the terrible fate of Poland.

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