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How Carlos Vives Made Vallenato Popular Worldwide

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How Carlos Vives Made Vallenato Popular Worldwide

Short | 01:48

Vallenato music is the soul of Colombia and at its heart is the accordion. Meet the musicians at the center of the movement that's breaking down class and cultural barriers.

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Once every decade in a small Colombian village, musicians engage in a fierce battle for the title of the Accordion King. Travel down to Colombia, and go behind the scenes of the Vallenato Kings Festival where, each April, the world's greatest accordionists assemble to perform, compete, and celebrate the squeezebox. Meet the players and hear their stories, including professors of the Turco Gil Academy, where over two thousand children dedicate themselves to their instrument, and Yeime, a young girl who overcame cultural stereotypes to become the first woman to win the competition in over forty years.

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