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Guardians of the Wild:

How Baby Baboons Are Adept at Getting Around

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How Baby Baboons Are Adept at Getting Around

Short | 02:34

A two-month-old baboon is sitting on his mother?s back, jockey-style, and taking in the world from his vantage point. By the time he?s just six-months-old, he?ll become a master of climbing on his own.

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Meet Madonna, a very special monkey. She's the first Kinda baboon to be studied from birth to adulthood. Kinda baboons are only recently identified as a species and are little understood. Now, Madonna has reached a pivotal point in her life: it's time to select a mate. Scientists are fascinated by Kindas' intimate friendships and strong male-female relationships. As Madonna makes this crucial decision, researchers hope it will help them unlock the secrets of these unique primates.

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