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My Million Dollar Invention:

How a Teenager from Idaho Invented TV

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»The Vision Thing

How a Teenager from Idaho Invented TV

Short | 05:09

In 1921, radio ruled the airwaves and TV was a distant dream no one could turn into reality. Enter a scarily smart teenage sharecropper named Philo Farnsworth.

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They were four inventors who had extraordinary vision, and their innovations would change the way we looked at the world and the universe beyond it. In this episode, we show how a patent office worker's arthritis led to the photocopier, and a workplace revolution. We follow the pursuit to launch astronomer Lyman Spitzer's invention, the Hubble Space Telescope, into orbit, and the history books. We also meet the rally driver who gave us the speed camera, and tell the little-known story of the inventor of television: a 14-year-old farm boy.

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