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How a Pharaoh's Bold Plans Rewrote the Course of History

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From: Secrets
»The Pharaoh in the Suburbs

How a Pharaoh's Bold Plans Rewrote the Course of History

Short | 02:56

Ancient Egypt was in decline, ruled between two super powers. Once King Psamtik I became king by 664 BC, Egypt had a savvy and innovative ruler who wasn't afraid to stand up to oppressors.


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Until recently, the Egyptian pharaoh known as Psamtik I was little more than a footnote in history. That all changed in 2017 when archaeologists excavating a site in a Cairo suburb stumbled upon the remnants of a massive statue made in his honor. See how this remarkable find has led to the rediscovery of a game-changing ruler who rescued his crumbling country from vicious invaders, brought a golden era to ancient Egypt, and had a far greater impact on western civilization--and western art--than history had led experts to believe.

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