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How a Minor Detail Caused This Plane's Roof to Detach

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How a Minor Detail Caused This Plane's Roof to Detach

Short | 02:51

After take-off, Aloha Airlines Flight 243's roof inexplicably blew off. Here's how a minor oversight almost caused this plane to crash.


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    Jul 27
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    Jul 31
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    Jul 31

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An island hop through paradise turns into a living hell for all aboard Aloha Airlines Flight 243 when the top of the fuselage tears off the airplane. The cabin becomes depressurized and there's no emergency oxygen supply. First, the pilots must rapidly reach a lower altitude so everyone can breathe. Then they must figure out how to land a plane that is held together by just its floor beams. Passengers brave 13 minutes of terror and 300 MPH freezing winds as pilots attempt to land a plane on the verge of coming apart.

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