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How a Car Bomb Almost Claimed JFK's Life

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How a Car Bomb Almost Claimed JFK's Life

Short | 04:04

Explosives experts recreate and detonate a car bomb, in order to determine what would've happened if Richard Pavlick, a man bent on killing JFK, had gone through with his assassination attempt.

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Before Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down a president and stunned the world, another lone assassin had plans of his own to kill JFK. His weapon of choice was not a rifle, but a Buick 8, packed with dynamite and primed for detonation. Discover the story of Richard Pavlick as we go inside the mind of a madman. See what happens when we conduct a test to see if the car bomb would have worked, and the impact it might have had on history if President Kennedy had died three years before November 22, 1963.

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