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A Hazardous German U-Boat Mission Targets New York City

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A Hazardous German U-Boat Mission Targets New York City

Short | 03:12

Operation Drumbeat was a secret WWII mission put in place by the German naval command. Its aim was to target merchant vessels off the U.S. East Coast, but poor planning forced U-boat crews into disastrous conditions.

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Just one month after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, another enemy brought World War II to American shores, not through the air but beneath the sea. This is the story of Operation Drumbeat, German Admiral Karl Donitz's campaign to send U-boats to the doorstep of the U.S. and attack Allied merchant shipping from Newfoundland to North Carolina. Through archival war footage and military expert testimony, we reveal how the Nazis managed to hammer our coast again and again and why the U.S. Navy was unable to stop them.

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