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Hippo Climbs Down a Steep Cliff...With Difficulty

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Hippo Climbs Down a Steep Cliff...With Difficulty

Short | 02:08

A 15-foot male hippo carefully negotiates his enormous body down a sheer cliff. It's the shortest and most direct route to the water--and he's not one to back down from a challenge.

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Get up close and personal with a hippo who's the king of his territory: mighty leader by day, defender of his clan by night. After the sun goes down, the greatest threat to his hippo family is a ruthless pride of 12 lions. These magnificent animals share the same territory in the cool of the night, and it can become dangerous for this hippo clan to feed. Using thermal and infrared imaging, witness the age-old battle for survival and dominance play out between huge hippos and their predators.

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