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Here's Why Dogs Were So Important to Ancient Egyptians

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From: Secrets
»Beasts of the Pharaohs

Here's Why Dogs Were So Important to Ancient Egyptians

Short | 03:30

Archaeological evidence at the ancient Egyptian site of Hierakonpolis reveals the status of the king's hunting dogs - to the extent that when the king died, they were often buried alongside him.


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Hierakonpolis was once one of the ancient world's forgotten cities, only of passing interest to archaeologists. That changed with the discovery of a prehistoric cemetery containing the remains of Egypt's first kings and those of wild and exotic animals. Evidence suggests these beasts were gathered from across the continent, but why? Follow archaeologists as they explore this 6,000-year-old cemetery, unlocking secrets that are redefining everything scholars thought they knew about Egypt in the time before the pharaohs.

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