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Crazy Monster:

Here's How the Strongest Insect on the Planet Fights

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Here's How the Strongest Insect on the Planet Fights

Short | 01:40

Hercules beetles, as their name suggests, are immensely strong for their size. So when two males fight over feeding rights, you can be sure it's going to be a clash of the titans.

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Bugs outnumber humans 200 million to one, making them the biggest family of animals on Earth. And we've gathered the most peculiar of them all, each with remarkable adaptations that help them survive and thrive in the wild. Take an up-close look at these strange beasts as we scour the planet's forests, deserts, and swamps to reveal a tiny sand monster that turns its victims into soup, a beetle that shoots molten hot liquid, a massive wasp that kills about 40 people a year, and more.

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