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Here's How a Mercedes-AMG V8 Engine Is Built

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»Mercedes AMG GT

Here's How a Mercedes-AMG V8 Engine Is Built

Short | 02:10

Each Mercedes-AMG GT engine is put together by one person, not by an assembly line. In total, it takes that person 11 steps, and approximately three hours, to complete the task.

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The oldest automotive company in the world is about to put out its newest speedster with one goal in mind: to unseat the definitive sports car, the Porsche 911. Enter the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant, a massive facility roughly the size of Vatican City, where a uniquely dedicated team of craftspeople are designing and building a lighter, faster, and smaller Mercedes from the ground up: the AMG GT. It's a five-year journey, from one man's idea to a 500-horsepower supercar, and we're there to capture all the high-speed drama.

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