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Helicopter Missions:

Helicopter Missions: Vietnam Firefight: Sneak Peek

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»Vietnam Firefight

Helicopter Missions: Vietnam Firefight: Sneak Peek

Short | 01:19

An unarmed helicopter and a pilot just 12 days from going home are the only hope for 100 surrounded, desperate troops.

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Pilot Tom Baca was days from finishing his tour of duty when he began a simple assignment: transport a staff chaplain to Easter Services via an unarmed Bell UH-1 helicopter. But then the distress call came. 100 soldiers had been ambushed, with enemy troops closing in from all sides. Relive the harrowing rescue that followed, as we detail how Baca and his team relied on wits, bravery and every ounce of The Huey's muscle to pull off an incredible rescue. The odds were stacked against them, but leaving their comrades behind was not an option.

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