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Law and Order in Pirate Alley

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»HDMS Absalon

Law and Order in Pirate Alley

Short | 03:30

The busiest shipping route on earth is also known as "Pirate Alley." See how the crew of warship HDMS Absalon leads the fight against piracy here in the Gulf of Aden.

More About This episode

Somali pirates are running rampant in the Gulf of Aden, the busiest shipping lane on Earth. They are fearless, reckless, and ruthless, attacking ships and capturing crews for ransom. Leading the international fight to stop them is HDMS Absalon, one of the most modern warships on the high seas. She is sleek and stealthy, equipped with missiles, torpedoes, an attack helicopter, and a squad of Special Forces. The stage is set for high seas action and adventure, and we place you right in the thick of it.

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