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Air Warriors:

Footage of a Tense Aerial Battle During the Falklands War

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Footage of a Tense Aerial Battle During the Falklands War

Short | 04:35

It's 10 weeks into the Falklands War, and two British Harriers find themselves protecting damaged ships. Suddenly, Argentine Skyhawks appear on the horizon and a fight ensues.


    • Tuesday
    • 9:00pm
    Nov 12
    • Wednesday
    • 12:00am
    Nov 13
    • Thursday
    • 1:00pm
    Nov 28

More About This episode

It's sleek, powerful, fast, and innovative, with the grace of a chopper and the knockout punch of a fighter jet. The Harrier is the world's most famous short takeoff/vertical landing jet and the Marines' go-to aircraft for close-air support. But despite all of its amazing capabilities, the Harrier has sparked controversy over the years and has been forced to prove itself time and time again. Discover its remarkable story, as told by the men and women who maintain, fly, and fight with this icon of aviation.

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